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Crazy project with code name "Framework". It's a hardcore game without graphic with cool sound and ten-finger controlling. Moving across the "Framework" universe, you have to find out who you are and what happened to you.  Each level is a small piece of a larger story puzzle.

Hi everyone!
Since I am old and very like vintage devices and games, I was inspired by the classic game The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, launched on Commodore 64. But I always lacked sound - all events took place in silence and I wanted to fill that void.  Well, since it turned out that I am, in fact, a game sound producer, I decided to add sound. Somehow the idea of the "Framework" was born.

Features: All sound is recorded and produced by me. No libraries or stocks.

This is just a one-level demo. The project is under active development.

If you want to enjoy this game, please use your headphones!

The game currently supports two languages: RU and EN.


Framework Windows Installer 60 MB
Framework DMG Image 65 MB

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